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Experience the N217RL

A competition vehicle and technology demonstrator now being built to fly in 2019


Outclass the competition

The N217RL is an innovative vertical takeoff and landing Personal Adventure Vehicle (PAV), designed for safety, efficiency, and performance. It is a competition vehicle that has been optimized for the Boeing-sponsored GoFly prize.


Packed with innovation

Our delta wing features uniquely designed leading edge fixed slat and Hoerner wing tips to increase efficiency while in cruise, differentiating it from a more conventional quadcopter-inspired design which is inefficient in forward flight, as well as limited fixed airfoil designs such as canard and rectangular wing forms.


Performance driven

Power from a 104 kW two-stroke engine drives a custom configuration of propellers, designed to minimize noise signature by allowing only one blade to cross at any time rather than multiple simultaneous crossings typical in a standard configuration.

Caught Your Interest?

The N217RL is being built for flight in 2019.
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